Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Hints For Him....

 1. Candle  //  2. Jewelry Box  //  3. Lipstick  //  4. Pave Bracelet
5. Chevron Mug  //  6. Perfume  //  7. Crossbody bag

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? In our home we try as often as possible to send each other little notes of appreciation and/or pick up something small that we see while out and about that we think the other would like, usually something practical and useful. The other day hubby surprised me with two of my favorite cookies from the bakery dept. of Whole Foods Market while he was grocery shopping. It's those thoughtful little things that show one another that we care and we certainly don't reserve it for just one day.

For Valentine's Day, we definitely don't go all-out. We typically enjoy a meal out together either a day before or after Feb.14th to avoid the restaurant craziness which makes for a much more intimate experience.
From time to time we'll get each other a little something special when our budget allows. Paul often asks me around the holidays if there's anything I've had my eye on. While I love surprises and seeing what my guy picks out for me on his own, I'm a practical person by nature and sometimes it's nice to get something that I know I would really enjoy vs. something that was thoughtful but not entirely useful and sits in a drawer as a result. 

Creating a little hints list takes the guess work out of it for him.  If your guy is anything like mine, busy and open to suggestions, why not share a couple ideas with him so he'll feel confident in his choice. I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorites of varying price points from $12 and up. 

I'm on the hunt for something special and useful for my hubby, so stay tuned for the guy's version of this Valentine's Day Gift Guide...hints for you! ;)

What surprises do you have in mind for your special sweetie this year?

Thanks for Reading! Below are the items shown above as well as a few more of my favorites....


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