Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Classy Dresses for Prom

Today we're talking about prom, more specifically classy dresses options for prom. Okay, clearly I'm not in high school anymore and haven't been for some time,  and most of our readers here aren't either (although we do a have a few). However, I do receive an array of e-mails daily in my inbox from readers all over the globe with various questions regarding being a classy woman, many of them from women how have inquiries which pertain to the upbringing of their own daughters. As many of you do have daughters of the high school age, I thought I'd share with you some beautiful options from the upcoming prom season. The best part is these dresses are so gorgeous they could be worn for a variety of other formal occasions as they don't look too prom-specific.

As mothers we want to both allow our children certain freedoms and independence while also using opportunities to help prepare them for the future as they make decisions all on their own. How one dresses, especially during formal occasions speaks volumes. I know when it comes time for my own daughter to select her prom dress, I will allow her to dream and try on several dresses but also use my influence to provide classy and elegant options that flatter her but at the same time do not reveal too much as I believe every young lady needs to be mindful of how the present themselves, especially around young men.

What I love about the online dress shop, which I recently discovered is that it has so many beautiful and affordable options. If you haven't heard of them before, stop by and take a peek!

Below are my top 5 favorite dresses, I love the look of old Hollywood glamour, it has such a refined ladylike quality. I also love the effortless look of the Grecian Goddess. I feel that a formal affair calls for a longer length dress. Shorter dresses can be worn anytime so a longer length dress can really make a young lady feel like a princess. Since strapless dresses can cause a woman to fidget and/or become a bit self-conscious having to keep the top pulled up and  in place, I have specifically not chosen any strapless options as fidgeting is not becoming of a lady. All of the dresses I have selected were chosen with dancing in mind so spaghetti straps were also avoided. As you can see, I steered clear of the all-too-common little black dress or anything black. There are so many beautiful color options that it's nice to see something other than the typical go-to black dress. If I had to choose a dress for myself today, these picks below are likely what I would choose from (you can find my selections and more here: )

A Red Carpet style floor length champagne gown-gorgeous!

I love the rich jewel tone color and the lace and sparkle details, 
just enough to remain elegant without being over the top.

This Grecian-inspired gown in flowing and flattering, the leg slit is tastefully done.
The gold waist belt is the perfect detail for this dress.

This gown has the perfect pop of color to get noticed, yet the dress is modest as it covers completely
The detailing around the neck and back add a unique look to be noticed as the lady in red.

Yellow is a bit more unexpected and works well for both very dark or light blond hair. 
The back cutout and single shoulder strap make for a contemporary look yet the 
flowing nature of this dress keeps it elegant.

Who here has a daughter getting ready for prom? Which dress here is your personal favorite?

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*This was a sponsored post however all opinions, dress selections and thoughts are my own.

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