Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Essentials For the Jet-Setter

1. Headphones  |   2.  Weekender Bag   | 3. Passport Holder  |  4. Lounge Set  |  5. Intimate Bags
6. Lip color balm   |  7.  Scarf   |  8. Foldable Flats  |  9. Luggage Tags  |  10.  Pocket Notebooks
11. Backup Mobile Charger  |  12.  Eye Mask  |  13.  Perfume  |  14. Watch  |  15. Emergency Kit

1. Whether watching a movie on your tablet while en route, listening to music while waiting at the gate to board your plane or just want to unwind in your hotel room, a great set of quality headphones is a must! These stylish headphones are so much more comfortable for long term use than ear buds.

2. A durable and elegant weekender bag is the perfect companion for a weekend away or as your main bag of choice to carry all of your essentials. When investing in a great bag, I always think about what will be classic and timeless and of course I always choose quality materials such as leather like this croc duffle bag.

3. This Tory Burch Passport Holder is a no-brainer. It's such a lovely way to protect your passport and this gorgeous mint color with gold detail is seriously calling my name! So much easier to find too amid a sea of other dark colored items in your bag. 

4. For cozy & comfortable travel attire that doesn't look frumpy or a relaxing outfit to lounge in at the hotel, this great cardigan & leggings lounge set is the perfect go-to and black will always cover up any dirt from a long day of travel.

5. It's time to ban the plastic bags as a way to sort clothing. These fabric cinched wash & wear bags are so much more chic and keep items organized so you know what's clean and dirty.

6. I love these chubby lipstick balms. They keep your lips hydrated during travel while adding a pop of color. This little travel pack-of-4 is a great way to experiment with new colors too! Gift them all to one gal or split them up and use them as stocking stuffers for a few

7. A great scarf not only provides a polished look but keep your neck free from drafts in airplanes, taxis or during inclimate weather. You can't go wrong with a classic Burberry check scarf.

8. Flats are a must-have when traveling whether rushing to catch a flight or walking for miles in a new city. These foldable Italian leather flats from Tieks are super comfy and can easily be swapped out for a dressier shoe and popped into a handbag while on-the-go. Did I mention they come in virtually every color and a lot of patterns too like leopard? An essential for travelers and commuters alike!

9. Every traveler needs a set of good quality luggage tags, not the cheap plastic ones that come apart after one use. These ID luggage tags (which come in a variety of colors) will allow her to easily spot her luggage even if it's amid a sea of other black bags. ;)

10. Even in the age of smartphones & tablets, sometimes it's nice to jot down some notes-directions, a restaurant address, some special memories on the way home from a dream trip or a place to doodle and write reminders of things that need to be done once home. I love these little pocket passport style notebooks, inexpensive and oh, so cute.

11. A backup battery pack for your phone is not only nice to have but an essential item when traveling. Too many times it's easy to look at photos, check social media and next thing you know your phone is nearly dead when you need it the most for a phone call. This girly backup mobile charger adds some fun flair while on-the-go especially when a wall or car charger isn't an option.

12. How adorable is this eyelash eye mask? A must-have for resting one's eyes while on a daytime flight or a catnap at the hotel while sharing a room with someone who needs to work or surf the net with the lights on. 

13. Jo Malone cologne is known to be beautifully fragrant. They have some of the most amazing scented perfumes and travel candles. This one is a great earthy scent for the season in a perfect travel size.

14. Every lady needs a reliable and stylish watch whether she's headed to the office, to meet friends for lunch, running errands and especially while traveling, connecting flights and arriving on time. This Tory Burch watch is a timeless timepiece that won't go out of style and matches with virtually everything in your giftee's wardrobe.

15. How many times have we arrived somewhere to learn that a button has come off a favorite blouse, your nail suddenly chips while navigating in tight spaces on the plane or . This cute emergency kit which is actually a wedding day kit will cover all the mishaps along the way including earring backings, hairspray and a whole lot more. Perfect for every carry-on bag.

16. & 17.  Planning for a trip is half the fun! These NY Times 36 Hour Travel Guide books are the perfect gift for any world traveler who wants to see all the best sites with limited time! Here are two sets: Latin America & Asia as well as Europe/Canada/USA

I'm beginning this year's annual Holiday Gift Guide with some fabulous items for the jet-setter in your life! Maybe that person is you in which case, here's a list to give 'Santa' some hints of things that would make your travels more enjoyable. :)

After having traveled to 27 countries I've learned over the years what are essentials that I never leave home without and what will go unused, taking up valuable space in your luggage and carry-on. I'm still working on the art of packing lightly when it comes to clothing because I love to have options (it's a serious discipline, isn't it?!) I've put together a collage here of 15 practical yet stylish gift ideas for a fabulous lady in your life who loves to explore the globe (maybe your best friend who is always traveling for work, your mother who loves visiting Europe or your sister who has just realized her love of travel even if it means an out-of-state road trip.  

Oh, and in case you or she are in need of some new wheels, this is some pretty grand and splurge-worthy luggage from Kate Spade!

Thanks for reading!


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